French Tutoring & Language Services

Hello, I am Aurélie. A French Tutor!

French Lessons and Tutoring available in person at Valla 2448 NSW (just south of Coffs Harbour), and on-line.

I am a native French speaker, born in Normandy and now a citizen of Australia. I also have a high level of proficiency in speaking and writing in English, as I have lived, studied and travelled in Australia since 2014.

I started tutoring and helping people with French language learning and conversational practice because I enjoy it, and am proud of my French heritage! I try to provide a relaxed, enjoyable, and usually not too rigid learning environment. I do not have any set formula or structure - and try to adapt to your goal, needs, desired lesson format, and what you feel comfortable with.

Please expand the sections on this page to learn more about my services, and please feel free to contact me with any other specific questions you may have.

Other French related services

I (Aurélie) was formally trained in France as an information manager / researcher - before working in Paris for 10 years for a French media / journalism organization ("Le Particulier", part of the Le Figaro group).

While in Australia, I have also worked remotely for clients in the media/production/casting arena - providing producer, researcher, translation and client liaison services.

If you believe I may be able to help you or your organisation, please contact me to discuss this further.

Écoute et répète...
Je peux le faire!
Je veux améliorer
ma prononciation française.
Pouvez-vous me dire.
cette nourriture!
Devenir chêvre ?
Ah, la vache!
Faire l’andouille!

Awesome Accommodation + Learning?

Check out the Lucky Duck Bus - and if you are interested in combining an awesome accommodation experience (on the Mid-North coast of Australia) with on-site (in person) French tutoring - please contact me. I may be able to tailor a package to your desired length of stay and French language learning or conversational practice requirements.

  • I’ve been having conversation lessons with Aurélie for around two years now. She has been a fantastic tutor, very cheerful and amusing, and adapts the conversation very well to the level of her student. She has been very amenable to my changing schedule and has made me feel like a proper French speaker. Our sessions feel more like friendly catch-ups (in French, with a little English sometimes to clarify) rather than lessons. I consider my sessions with Aurélie to be a cornerstone of my continued development and learning in the French language.
    Peter D
    Coffs Harbour, NSW (AU), - Nov 2022
  • Aurélie has been a wonderful tutor both on and offline. She has a great command of English, knows her grammar, and is quick to find useful translations and corrections. I have especially valued her conversation skills on those days where producing spontaneous French hasn't come easily. Merci Aurélie!
    Alex K
    Coffs Harbour, NSW (AU), - June 2023